2014 September

The following is a podcast which provides a high-level overview of the ISO 27002 domains and some of the key controls within those domains.  The LegalSec Steering Committee simply wanted to provide an overview of these domains and highlight some of the controls that a Firm may want to consider in moving towards an ISO like security program. 

Joe Daw has more than 15 years in providing successful information security leadership, infrastructure management, regulatory compliance and risk management in various industries.  Joe has built and successfully managed an Information Security Program from the ground up for several Firms within industries including banking, insurance, health and legal.  Joe deals effectively with customers, executives, and stockholders on a regular basis. All of these achievements are critical to firms, that must compete in today's difficult economy and maintain information security  and compliance through appropriate risk management.  Joe is also a member of ILTA's LegalSEC Steering Committee. 

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