2019 July

In this snackable corporate podcast, Josh Lazar will ask Mitch Stein the following questions as it pertains to Microsoft Teams and the Impact on Litigation. 

-Could you describe your experience with Microsoft Teams from a compliance context?
-How can an IT professional setup Teams appropriately to minimize the impact of litigation?
-Can you explain the default retention settings within Teams?
-What are the reporting capabilities of Teams?
-How can an IT professional create a legal hold in Teams?
-Where can listeners get access to more information about Teams compliance?
-Where are private chats stored?  
-Where are team chats stored?


@Josh Lazar, CEO and Founder, TechThinkTank 

@Mitchell SteinDirector of Information Technology, Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida 

Recorded on 7-26-19 

In this snackable podcast, the speaker will briefly highlight how more and more electronic conversations are taking place outside of traditional email. The recent DOJ opinion re. FCPA requires companies to do a better job managing this data. With this requirement, they will discuss if you should consider updating your IG policies to state what platforms communications are allowed to take place on along with have you changed your retention policy in light of DOJ opinion?

@Carolyn Robinson,
 eDiscovery Associate for the Americas - Office of the Regional General Counsel, Robert Bosch, LLC (RBNA) Legal Department

@Ben Hubble
Records Manager, Wendy's International, LLC

Recorded on 7-19-19


Please enjoy this snackable podcast which will discuss applying project management principles to legal projects, how applying project management principles to the law help the firm and clients, are there any particular areas of the law that project management principles lend themselves better to contracts, ligation, etc?
Sterling will also share how applying legal project principles to the law requires a focus on process thinking and describe if there is a particular discipline firms/legal departments should invest and engage in first, process improvement or project management or both? 


@Lekecia Barclay, Technology Advisor, The Office of Chief Counsel for the Internal Revenue Service


Sterling Miller, Senior Counsel, Hilgers Graben PLLC and author of “Ten Things You Need to Know as In-House Counsel” (the blog series and the book)

Recorded on 7-19-19

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