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Many junior and mid-level associates are beginning to realize that the billable model is moving towards fixed-fee arrangements. This is becoming especially true during the pandemic, where everyone is looking to cut costs. In this podcast session, we will learn more about how to handle transactions using less lawyer time (through AI or other methods)

@Brian P. Morris - IT Business Relationship Manager, Holland & Knight LLP

@Tobin Brown - Chief Practice Management Officer, Perkins Coie​

Recorded on 08-06-2021

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***Please note this podcast is in Spanish!

In this third part of the series, the idea is that the speaker talks about the benefits of using Artificial Intelligence to optimize the work of the lawyers in generating the first draft of any legal document that they have to create. *** Please know the podcast is in Spanish only. 

@Rodolfo Christophersen -Sr. Manager, Head of Legal Operations, Mercado Libre

Nicolas Vilela - Co-Founder & CEO, ZTZ Tech
Pablo Balancini - CEO, LegalHub

Recorded on 07-26-2021​

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In this final ‘AI meets KM’ session, we will be looking to the future. New tools are emerging onto the market that feature more advanced AI and offer entirely new use cases than the machine learning tools we’ve become used to. This podcast will explore this rapidly changing landscape, asking what disruptions the new entrants to market will bring.


Nicola Shaver, Managing Director, Innovation and Knowledge, Paul Hastings, LLP


Horace Wu, Founder & Director, Syntheia
Martin Karlsson, CEO, Lateral


Recorded on 7-17-2020

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Communication and repetition is vital when exploring AI capabilities and using it for ChatBot development. During this snackable podcast entitled "AI/Chatbots and the AI Landscape: How You Use AI and Business Cases for In-House," Chip Delany, Strategy Associate, NexLP and Jack Thompson, Sr. Manager, eDiscovery & Legal Operations, Sanofi, will explore what advantages does AI have when learning from repetitive communications despite being new? 

In addition, they will touch upon how AI sets a tone for emotional intelligence when using it for investigations or understanding in-house culture. Discuss how security monitoring is a factor which AI is now proving its value when intercepting and acting upon key terms or anomalous phrases. They will also highlight what are core examples of cognitive surveillance and its benefits AI has produced for an in-house legal department (either in the areas of Compliance, HR matters, security, etc.) and much more. 

@Jack Thompson - 
Sr. Manager - eDiscovery & Legal Operations, Sanofi

@Chip Delany - 
Strategy Associate, NexLP

Recorded on 8-12-19

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Welcome to Evolving KM, a podcast where we discuss how Knowledge Management is progressing and the impact that’s having on KM professionals. In each episode, we interview people who have either worked in or on the periphery of Knowledge Management We get their perspective on how this profession is evolving to meet the shifting demands of legal service delivery.

We hope you enjoy this episode!

In this episode, our guest is Joe Davis, a member of ILTA’s Program Planning Council and 20-year veteran of the legal technology industry. Joe recently published a blog post, “AI Roundup 2018 - A Guide to ILTA’s Artificial Intelligence Content,” which prompts our discussion about AI. We talk about trends and impact of AI in the legal industry, strategy, data science and model training and FOMO. And yes, ham sandwiches.

Joe is very thoughtful about AI and has a nice speaking voice, so you won’t want to miss this episode.

Gwyn McAlpine oversees the knowledge management program at Perkins Coie LLP, an international law firm with 1,000 lawyers in 19 offices. Gwyn's focus is on creating value for clients by enabling attorneys to practice law more efficiently and collaboratively. In addition to more traditional KM initiatives, KM at Perkins Coie includes library and research services, internal and external collaboration, and AI and expert systems. Gwyn practiced corporate law for 10 years before fully transitioning to knowledge management.

Amy Monaghan is the Practice Innovations Manager within the knowledge management group at Perkins Coie LLP. She works side-by-side with practice groups to further KM initiatives, particularly those involving artificial intelligence systems and other advanced technologies, such as document assembly, logic systems, workflow tools and contract analysis tools. Previously, Amy was in a similar role at Chapman and Cutler LLP.

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