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More and more law firms are turning to analyzing their data to drive business decisions. What is the main driver behind this and what do firm leaders see data providing today that would help make decisions? In addition, we will discuss in this interview what types of data should they be looking at and what tools are or should they be using?

Questions that Tracey will ask speakers:
-What is the main driver behind more and more law firms turning to analyzing their data to drive business decisions?
-What do firm leaders see data providing today that would help make decisions?
-What types of data should they be looking at?
-What tools are or should they be using?

@Tracey Pardo -
 IS Improvement and Reporting Analyst, Cooley LLP

@Royale Price - 
Director of Pricing and Matter Management, Greenberg Traurig
Katie Styler -  
Principal, Axiom Consulting Partners

Recorded on 06-24-2022

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Now that Sentiment Analysis has gone live within RelativityOne, Relativity has gotten feedback of how clients are using this form of analytics. This podcast session will detail real world examples of how sentiment analysis has added to successful review.

The AI-powered Sentiment Analysis feature is now in Advanced Access and will be available to RelativityOne users later this year. Sentiment Analysis will allow users to identify positive and negative sentiment in their data. The analysis is conducted on a sentence-by-sentence basis so that even if negative sentiment is buried within a longer conversation, users will not miss that key information.

@Andrea Shirey - IT Consultant, Bayer Corporation Legal Department 

Dilan Dubey - Product Manager, Relativity

Recorded on 06-16-2022

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There is current trend towards legal ops in law firms, but not all is equal. It is quite common to see difference in titles, department names and even what is being covered.

How are legal operations shaping up in the law firm space and how will these departments help to meet the evolving market demands?

Specific interview questions Tracey asked Chris:
1. If a firm is looking to start a legal operations department, what are the key components?
2. How does having a legal operations team increase efficiency? How does legal operations improve value for the client?
3. Are there any tools your recommend to improve performance?
4. What are the latest trends in legal operations? What departments are new?
5. What are the biggest obstacles in growing the legal operations team?
6. How do you justify additional headcount on the legal operations side?

@Tracey Pardo - IS Improvement and Reporting Analyst, Cooley LLP 

@Christopher Emerson - Chief Legal Operations and Innovations, Quarles & Brady

Recorded on 04-08-2022

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In the second part of this podcast series, the speakers will talk about successful strategies to mentor young or new colleagues in the legal IT space when being remote. In addition, we will learn what is a great mentor, how do you find a mentor, how does it change working remotely and why is mentoring so important?

@Carolyn Bragiel - Advisor, Legal E-discovery, Cardinal Health


@Joy Murao - Founder and CEO, Practice Aligned Resources (Mentor)
@Candi Smith, CEDS -  Sr. Legal Technology & eDiscovery Specialist, Jabil Corporation (Mentee)

Recorded on 01-26-2022

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Sentiment analysis is becoming more and more standard for eDiscovery review. In this podcast session, the speaker will give some real life examples of how this AI technology has helped in litigations and investigations.

Questions Andrea will ask Paul:
1. What is sentiment analysis?
2. How could this help an organization?
3. Can you give 3 examples of possible workflows on how to use it?


@Andrea Shirey - IT Consultant, Bayer Corporation Legal Department 

​Paul Park - Senior Product Manager AI, Relativity


Recorded on 12-17-2021

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In this brief podcast, we hope to bring continued awareness to current cybersecurity vulnerabilities and how cybercriminals are evolving to target individuals/businesses using legitimate-looking emails and social media messages.

@Carolyn Bragiel - 
Advisor, Legal E-discovery, Cardinal Health​

​Marissa McDermid - Program Manager, Security Awareness, Resilience

Recorded on 10-28-2021



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Joining a corporate or government legal department as a young professional can be quite intimidating. As a rule, these organizations tend to skew older since they often hire lawyers who have already worked in law firms for an extended period of time.

In this podcast, learn about effective methods of bridging this potential gap with your new colleagues and receive tips and suggestions.

@Will Pett - Senior Business Analyst, Fidelity Investments

@John Crawshaw - Business Analytics Manager, PNC


Recorded on 10-15-2021

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***Please note this podcast is in Spanish!

In this third part of the series, the idea is that the speaker talks about the benefits of using Artificial Intelligence to optimize the work of the lawyers in generating the first draft of any legal document that they have to create. *** Please know the podcast is in Spanish only. 

@Rodolfo Christophersen -Sr. Manager, Head of Legal Operations, Mercado Libre

Nicolas Vilela - Co-Founder & CEO, ZTZ Tech
Pablo Balancini - CEO, LegalHub

Recorded on 07-26-2021​

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In this podcast, the speaker will offer suggestions of places or apps to increase your overall skills, discuss how to access them and if there are any costs involved. An example would include LinkedIn learning.

@Josh Lazar, Chief Information Officer, 18th Judicial Circuit, Florida

@Sean McGinty, Learning Product Engineer, Simplify Compliance


Recorded on 05-04-2021​

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Join us in learning the perspectives of three eDiscovery practitioners on two common scenarios that lawyers may encounter. In this podcast, we will address production and data exchange.

All opinions or personal views expressed are their own and not those of their organizations. As the title mentions, this will be a series of podcasts highlighting practical considerations when talking to your lawyers about data. We encourage you to follow the series and provide feedback in the evaluation link below!

@Charles Neal -
 Litigation Support/eDiscovery Manager, Keating Muething & Klekamp PLL

Podcast Speakers:
@Jennifer Bernstein -
 Vice President, Assistant General Counsel, ‎JPMorgan Chase & Co.
@Kate Collum
VP - US Operations Manager, JPMorgan Chase & Co.
@Cameron Herzog - Director of IT, Brownstein Rask LLP 

Recorded on 04-14-2021

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