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Project management skills are essential in litigation support to respect deadlines and deliverables. Similar to juggling many balls at once and the trick is not to drop one, two, or more. Get advice from experts on managing expectations - the key to success is not always known - but the key to failure is certainly trying to please everyone.

Questions Kathy will ask speakers:
- What are some of the most difficult expectations you have had to deal with and how have you dealt with them?
- Do you have any time management strategies you can pass along? How can you effectively prioritize to meet demands?
- Can or should a plan-B be offered when a deliverable is impossible ?
- What advice would you give to someone about managing expectations?

@Kathy Dallaire, CEDS - CEDS, eDiscovery and Litigation Support Coordinator, Stikeman Elliott LLP

@James MacGregor - Partner, Forcyd
@Stephanie Clerkin -  Director of Litigation Support, Korein Tillery LLC

Recorded on 06-27-2022​​

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In this podcast interview session, the speaker will flesh out some of those options as well as tools to have in-house to help make small firms more self-sufficient. The goal is to walk away with more knowledge.

@Tyler Crabtree - ​eDiscovery Specialist, Browne George Ross O'Brien Annaguey & Ellis LLP

@Monique Sever - Paralegal/Litigation Support & eDiscovery Supervisor, Harper Grey

Recorded on 10-29-2021

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In this podcast, the speaker will discuss how to best leverage technology to facilitate collaboration and task tracking, design workflows that systematize regular, on-going tasks; and facilitate effective communications/working towards common goals for a shared client.

@Shawn McClurg -  Litigation Support Manager, Miles & Stockbridge P.C.

@Jessica Hasen - Senior Counsel, Perkins Coie LLP

​Recorded on 10-28-2021

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Litigation support can be daunting to those new to the industry – not only are there technical skills to learn, but also legal considerations, project management and communication & presentation skills are all keys to your success. In this podcast, we will discuss the kinds of transferable skills which will help you in your new role, how best to learn those important technical skills, and how to identify the opportunities to develop and improve your skills.


@Rachel McAdams - 
eDiscovery Technical Specialist, A&L Goodbody Solicitors

@Kathy Dallaire, CEDS -  eDiscovery and Litigation Support Coordinator,Stikeman Elliott LLP
@Doug Austin -  Editor, eDiscovery Today

​Recorded on 07-26-2021

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Join us in learning the perspectives of two eDiscovery practitioners on two common scenarios that lawyers may encounter. In this podcast, we will address volume and cost (processing and review). All opinions or personal views expressed are their own and not those of their organizations.

As the title mentions, this will be a series of podcasts highlighting practical considerations when talking to your lawyers about data. We encourage you to follow the series and provide feedback in the evaluation link below!

Podcast Moderator
@Charles Neal - Litigation Support/eDiscovery Manager, Keating Muething & Klekamp PLL

Podcast Guests
@Jennifer Bernstein - Vice President, Assistant General Counsel, ‎JPMorgan Chase & Co.
@Kate Collum - VP - US Operations Manager, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Recorded on 2-25-2021


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Please enjoy this podcast that will discuss key litigation support/eDiscovery considerations during mergers.

Specifically, the podcast will cover the following key considerations:

  • Business continuity for electronic discovery to support firm/corporation needs
  • Technology and software
  • Data and documentation integration
  • Staff and roles
  • Normalization of operating procedures
  • The Soft Skills (this will be an underlying theme across the 5 topics above)

@Richard Brooman - Litigation Support Senior Manager, Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP
@Steven Heitz - Litigation Technology Manager, Troutman Pepper eMerge LLC

Recorded on 1/14/2021

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This podcast will highlight how the recent DOJ and FCPA opinions impacts how corporation's collect and preserve Social Media accounts.

@Carolyn Robinson​​, eDiscovery Associate for the Americas - Office of the Regional General Counsel, Robert Bosch, LLC (RBNA) Legal Department 

@Ben Hubble, 
Records Manager, Wendy's International, LLC

Recorded on 1-28-2020

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ILTA Lit Supp CCT Tools, Tips, and Tricks: Key Takeaways for Deploying Relativity at a large firm

Please join Joan Washburn and Ann Halkett for a look at deploying Relativity in a large firm environment wherein Joan provides insight into current setup, what a roll out of Relativity looks like at a large firm (challenges, opportunities, and benefits), how to obtain buy-in and recruit key stakeholders. As a bonus, Joan also provides insight into the paradigm shift from mainly email and efiles to collaboration sources, chat apps, and social media.

@Joan Washburn - Director of Litigation and Ediscovery Services at Holland & Knight LLP

@Ann Halkett - Litigatoin Support Manager at Alexander, Holburn, Beaudin + Lang LLP

Recorded: 01-03-2020

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The Tango between eDiscovery and Incident Response

Tune in to listen to Kris Wasserman discuss incident response from an eDiscovery perspective with Ricky Brooman as part of the Litigation Support Content Coordinating Team’s Tools, Tips, and Tricks podcast series.  In this podcast, Kris and Ricky discuss the fundamentals of incident response and how it blends into the eDiscovery world, with a specific focus on eDiscovery workflow, software, and skills that are relevant to incident response.  Kris leaves listeners with his predictions for where the industry is going and how to stay ahead.  We hope you enjoy!

Kristopher Wasserman - Regional Vice President at Special Counsel & D4 Discovery

@Richard Brooman - Litigation Support Project Manager at SAUL EWING ARNSTEIN & LEHR LLP

​​Recorded: 01-03-2020

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Communication and repetition is vital when exploring AI capabilities and using it for ChatBot development. During this snackable podcast entitled "AI/Chatbots and the AI Landscape: How You Use AI and Business Cases for In-House," Chip Delany, Strategy Associate, NexLP and Jack Thompson, Sr. Manager, eDiscovery & Legal Operations, Sanofi, will explore what advantages does AI have when learning from repetitive communications despite being new? 

In addition, they will touch upon how AI sets a tone for emotional intelligence when using it for investigations or understanding in-house culture. Discuss how security monitoring is a factor which AI is now proving its value when intercepting and acting upon key terms or anomalous phrases. They will also highlight what are core examples of cognitive surveillance and its benefits AI has produced for an in-house legal department (either in the areas of Compliance, HR matters, security, etc.) and much more. 

@Jack Thompson - 
Sr. Manager - eDiscovery & Legal Operations, Sanofi

@Chip Delany - 
Strategy Associate, NexLP

Recorded on 8-12-19

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