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If we have learned one thing from the pandemic, it’s the fact that we can’t always meet in person but we can continue business.

In this podcast, the speakers will discuss ways that eSignatures, remote online notaries and virtual rooms can eliminate the need to travel to an in person Notary.

Questions the Co-Moderators will ask Speakers:
○ Could you please tell our listeners a little about yourselves? Aaron, let's start with you.
○ If you both could briefly chime in as to what e-signatures are and what you can accomplish with them, that would be a great place to start.
○ Can you explain for our listeners, how Notaries worked pre-pandemic?
○ With the ongoing digital transformation, eSignatures became very popular in the last 2 years. More eSignature vendors offer unique features to digitize traditional workflows in different industries. We know you are familiar with online notarization and Virtual Rooms. Can you tell us more about Remote Online Notarization and Virtual Rooms? What are those and how can they help busy attorneys?

@Jack Recinto - Senior Applications Director, Vedder Price P.C.
@Alisher Yuldashev - ​ Business Technology Advisory Manager, Borden Ladner Gervais

-Aaron Davis - Director, Product Marketing, OneSpan
-​Raquel Lima - Product Manager, OneSpan 

Recorded on 04-17-2022

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Sentiment analysis is becoming more and more standard for eDiscovery review. In this podcast session, the speaker will give some real life examples of how this AI technology has helped in litigations and investigations.

Questions Andrea will ask Paul:
1. What is sentiment analysis?
2. How could this help an organization?
3. Can you give 3 examples of possible workflows on how to use it?


@Andrea Shirey - IT Consultant, Bayer Corporation Legal Department 

​Paul Park - Senior Product Manager AI, Relativity


Recorded on 12-17-2021

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In this podcast interview session, the speaker will provide an overview of Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps and why it is important. There will be a heavy focus on Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps as this will be the most natural fit for firms.

Questions Chris will ask Idan: 
- What is Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps ? (Begins at 00:36) 
- How do you best discover and control unsanctioned cloud apps? (Begins at 1:12)
- What are some policy-based controls (Begins at 4:09)
- Explain DLP management (Begins at 6:36) 
- How does Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps help with compliance? (Begins at 9:27)
- Please provide us with a deeper dive into using Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps to increase security posturing of Office 365 and other cloud applications (Begins at 11:26) 

@Christopher Hockey, IGP - Director of Records and Enterprise Content, Bond, Schoeneck and King, PLLC

​Idan Basre - Product Manager, Microsoft Cloud App Security 

Recorded on 11-10-2021

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Many junior and mid-level associates are beginning to realize that the billable model is moving towards fixed-fee arrangements. This is becoming especially true during the pandemic, where everyone is looking to cut costs. In this podcast session, we will learn more about how to handle transactions using less lawyer time (through AI or other methods)

@Brian P. Morris - IT Business Relationship Manager, Holland & Knight LLP

@Tobin Brown - Chief Practice Management Officer, Perkins Coie​

Recorded on 08-06-2021

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In this podcast, the speaker will offer suggestions of places or apps to increase your overall skills, discuss how to access them and if there are any costs involved. An example would include LinkedIn learning.

@Josh Lazar, Chief Information Officer, 18th Judicial Circuit, Florida

@Sean McGinty, Learning Product Engineer, Simplify Compliance


Recorded on 05-04-2021​

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In this podcast session, the speakers will indicate whether Kira, Luminance, eBrevia or similar solutions actually worked, where did they fall short, in what scenarios were they used (e.g initial contract intake, working with a client playbook), what is the deployment time, experience with service delivery/support, is there any on-going product management and if so, how may people the firm has dedicated to maintaining the product, etc.

@Daniel Wood, Director of Counsel Assistance, Womble Bond Dickinson 

@Amy MonaghanSenior Practice Innovations Manager, Perkins Coie
@Leigh SniderLegal Process Engineer Manager, BakerHostetler

Recorded on 04-06-2021​​​

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Tune in and hear from three of the five 2020 ILTA Influential Women in Legal Tech Honorees discuss how COVID-19 has  impacted the lawyer's role in the business of law in this 48-minute podcast.

Episode 1 includes Jackie Nagtegaal, Futurist & Managing Director at Law for All as moderator and Alice Namuli Blazevic, Partner at Katende, Ssempebwa & Company Advocates and Co-Founder of The Legal Innovation Hub, and María Jesús González-Espejo, Vice President at European Legal Technology Association (ELTA) and Managing Partner at Instituto de Innovación Legal, as guests.

The three virtually sit down and chat about how lawyers have created survival plans for their clients (2:30), their ethical role to the society at large (7:08), what students and lawyers need to adopt to drive innovation in the business of law (20:00), the main changes/innovations that have happened in 2020 (34:45), and more!

Listen to the other episodes here:

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When there is a new innovative idea, you want to champion it and deliver on it as fast as possible, but in a responsible way. In this podcast, we will discuss what are some best practices for keeping stakeholders engaged while meeting firm governance standards and security requirements.

Questions from Dan to Nikki: 
-What methods do you use to solicit ideas? 
-How do you vet a pie in the sky idea vs. something practical, especially when it may be something deep in the weeds of a legal practice? (Relatedly, how do determine if an innovative idea is one attorney’s dream but not universal?)
-When do different stakeholder groups get involved in the project? Are ideas vetted through risk, information governance, finance, etc. before they are PoC’d?
-How do you productize your innovative projects?

@Daniel PrattIT Business Relationships Manager, Holland & Knight LLP

@Nicola ShaverManaging Director, Innovation and Knowledge, Paul Hastings LLP 

Recorded on 9-29-2020

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In this final ‘AI meets KM’ session, we will be looking to the future. New tools are emerging onto the market that feature more advanced AI and offer entirely new use cases than the machine learning tools we’ve become used to. This podcast will explore this rapidly changing landscape, asking what disruptions the new entrants to market will bring.


Nicola Shaver, Managing Director, Innovation and Knowledge, Paul Hastings, LLP


Horace Wu, Founder & Director, Syntheia
Martin Karlsson, CEO, Lateral


Recorded on 7-17-2020

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This podcast series will feature a couple speakers located across the globe who are doing things differently and can offer unique perspectives on what the state of legal innovation looks like in different places.

@Nicola Shaver​, Managing Director, Innovation and Knowledge, Paul Hastings, LLP

Ben Hunt, 
Legal Technology Manager, DLA Piper
Barbara Gondim Da Rocha, 
Head of Knowledge Management and Innovation, Rocha Marinho E Sales

Recorded on 7-14-2020

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