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This podcast interview session will take a look into our mobile devices (super computers in our pocket) and the built in (or lack there of) security around them.

Can we rely on our devices out of box as long as they’re managed or has the time come where we need to take mobile security to the next level?

Questions that David will ask speaker:

1. Mobile devices are essentially a smaller version of a computer that can fit in your pocket. They’re on us and in use almost all the time. Confidential information flows to, from and through them, yet we don’t seem to secure them to the same level as a computer. Is that because they’re just secure out of the box? Or are we missing something?
2. What types of threats and attacks should we be concerned about with our mobile devices?
3. A lot of organizations may say we use MDM (mobile device management) to secure our mobile fleet of devices. Is an MDM sufficient?
4. If out of the box security and usage of an MDM is not quite enough, what addition protections should we be looking at?
5. How should different usage patterns and user interfaces of mobile devices factor into an organization's model of the mobile security threat and mobile security solutions?
6.Obviously budgets and staff have an influence on just how much security you can deploy and manage. What would be the top 3 items that all businesses and mobile users should put into place to help protect their mobile devices?

@David Whale - 
Director Information Security, Fasken Martineau Dumoulin LLP

@Seth Hallem - CEO & Chief Architect, Mobile Helix 


Recorded on 06-17-2022


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Information Governance…we hear this term all the time in legal, but what does it really mean? Is it referring to controlling the stream of information inside a law firm or law department, or outside one? And what methods are being utilized in today’s law firms and law departments to govern this often critical information?

In this interview session, we will discuss what the term actually means and what effects it can have on firm attorneys and staff. Finally, we’ll learn why having an IG policy is so vital to clients and firms alike.


@John Graves - Training Support Specialist, Winstead PC

@Jeffrey Sharer - President and CEO, LexShift 

Recorded on 04-01-2022

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This podcast session will delve into the very real problem of trying to explain data governance to end users and the C-suite. Our experts will tackle the difference between data governance and information governance, the importance of a good data governance program, how to best distribute the responsibility of data governance, and how to keep data fresh, clean, and reliable as we continue to take in more and more.

Questions Chris will ask speaker(s):
1. Information Governance and Data Governance may often be used interchangeably, help our listeners understand what the key differences are and why it is important to differentiate them.
2. What should the objective of a data governance program be?
3. Data governance seems very intimidating if you look at it as one persons job. How can information governance and data governance professionals go about engaging the enterprise in good data governance practices?
4. How can IG professionals best make a business case for a data governance program in order to secure resources?
5. What are some real practical strategies for ensuring the cleanliness and reliability of data in an organization?

@Christopher Hockey, IGP - Director of Information Governance and Management,
Bond, Schoeneck and King, PLLC

Neil Burge - Founder, CEO of Cognopia Pte Ltd.
Steve Bradley - Director, HBR Consulting


Recorded on 01-27-2022

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During this podcast, a cyber security professional will discuss ways that you can ensure that you have adequate visibility to protect against unauthorized access into our data as you move additional pieces of your architecture into the cloud. The conversation will highlight cloud access security brokers, security incident and event management, and data loss prevention tools and strategies.

@Corey Reitz - E-Discovery Project Lead, Sandia National Laboratories

Kevin Magee - Chief Security Officer, Microsoft Canada

Recorded on 08-06-2021​

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There is no doubt that business decisions based on proven data have the best chance of being the most successful in any campaign, strategy or operation. Gathering the  required data from the proper systems and then massaging it into the best format for consumption will power the most successful data driven decisions.  In this podcast, we will delve into the deepest reaches of datamining to strike the most valuable information and then refine and process it into consumable reports and end products to ensure success.

@Jack Recinto
Senior Applications Director, Vedder Price P.C
@Alisher Yuldashev,
Business Technology Advisory Manager, Borden Ladner Gervais

Paul Wilner, 
Data and Analytical Consultant and Statistical Analysis Instructor

​​Recorded on 06-04-2021

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Join us in learning the perspectives of three eDiscovery practitioners on two common scenarios that lawyers may encounter. In this podcast, we will address archiving and destruction, returning of evidence.

All opinions or personal views expressed are their own and not those of their organizations. As the title mentions, this will be a series of podcasts highlighting practical considerations when talking to your lawyers about data. We encourage you to follow the series and provide feedback in the evaluation link below!

@Charles Neal -
 Litigation Support/eDiscovery Manager, Keating Muething & Klekamp PLL

Podcast Speakers:
@Jennifer Bernstein -
 Vice President, Assistant General Counsel, ‎JPMorgan Chase & Co.
@Kate Collum
VP - US Operations Manager, JPMorgan Chase & Co.
@Cameron Herzog - Director of IT, Brownstein Rask LLP 

Recorded on 05-28-2021

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You’ve received an alert that you have a critical vulnerability within your environment. Now what? Is relying on the alerted risk rating and score sufficient? In this podcast session, the speaker will discuss what needs to be done after the vulnerability has been identified to assist you in understanding the risk to your firm and ensuring the risks are dealt with appropriately and in accordance with your firms risk management strategy.

@David Whale - ​Director Information Security , Fasken Martineau Dumoulin LLP

Jon Rohrich - Cybersecurity Technical Architect, ‎Microsoft

Recorded on 5-17-2021

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We hear a lot, lately, about law firms developing new ways to deliver solutions to clients. Some law firms have spun off software development offerings while others have embedded application developers in their practice. New tools make it easier to develop new solutions, as well. This podcast panel of law firm experts will discuss their experiences – and lessons learned – in developing software solutions for clients.

@Caroline Sweeney - Director of Knowledge Management & Innovation, Dorsey & Whitney 
@Amy Monaghan - 
Senior Practice Innovations Manager, Perkins Coie 

@David Cohen - 
Partner, Reed Smith LLP
@Kristi Smith - Senior Manager of Innovation Solutions, Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner

Recorded on 5-12-2021

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Without information, law firms wouldn’t exist. Information is front and center and critical to everything we do. As Law firms progress further down their digital road maps, it presents us with an opportunity to revisit our retention requirements and strategies to ensure they’re still relevant.

In this podcast session, the speaker will offer best practice recommendations for law firm data retention. Are we better to keep more or less? What must we keep and for how long? How do we get to a place where we’re only retain the minimal data footprint required?

@David Whale, Director Information Security , Fasken Martineau Dumoulin LLP

@John Churchill, Records Department Manager, Nelson Mullins

Recorded on 05-06-2021

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In this podcast, Chuck Barth, who is a experienced senior leader of information governance in law firms, will speak about information governance in the legal industry. Join him to find out why security/compliance specialists will need information governance skills in the year to come and beyond!

@Leigh Isaacs
CIGO, CIP, Director of Information Governance and Records Management, Proskauer

@Chuck Barth

Recorded on 2-15-2021​​

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