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If we have learned one thing from the pandemic, it’s the fact that we can’t always meet in person but we can continue business.

In this podcast, the speakers will discuss ways that eSignatures, remote online notaries and virtual rooms can eliminate the need to travel to an in person Notary.

Questions the Co-Moderators will ask Speakers:
○ Could you please tell our listeners a little about yourselves? Aaron, let's start with you.
○ If you both could briefly chime in as to what e-signatures are and what you can accomplish with them, that would be a great place to start.
○ Can you explain for our listeners, how Notaries worked pre-pandemic?
○ With the ongoing digital transformation, eSignatures became very popular in the last 2 years. More eSignature vendors offer unique features to digitize traditional workflows in different industries. We know you are familiar with online notarization and Virtual Rooms. Can you tell us more about Remote Online Notarization and Virtual Rooms? What are those and how can they help busy attorneys?

@Jack Recinto - Senior Applications Director, Vedder Price P.C.
@Alisher Yuldashev - ​ Business Technology Advisory Manager, Borden Ladner Gervais

-Aaron Davis - Director, Product Marketing, OneSpan
-​Raquel Lima - Product Manager, OneSpan 

Recorded on 04-17-2022

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Driving adoption of even useful technology is notoriously difficult. What are some helpful strategies for Litigation Support professionals to get buy-in and training time commitments from busy attorneys?

Questions Sachin will ask speaker:
1. What are some of the considerations for a law firm to opt for managed document review over reviewing documents in-house?
2. What type of training on your platform or services do litigation attorneys need to make the shift to managed document review a seamless one?
3. What strategies have you found to be most effective when getting attorneys to modify their workflows to incorporate outside legal services?
4. How has the shift to remote work changed how law firm attorneys and in-house counsel work with legal service providers such as Quislex?
5. How would you suggest firms discuss and get client approval for the use of outside legal services?

@Sachin Gupta - ​Knowledge Management Attorney – Data & Technology Transactions, Latham & Watkins LLP

​Bobby Coppola - VP of Legal Solutions and Strategic Growth, Quislex

Recorded on 04-01-2022

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Distributed firms may have been under the radar for a few years, but now they are breaking the Amlaw 200. Distributed firms operate without a physical space. They rely heavily on technology for communication and to deliver services. Join us to learn about the players, their structure and whether they are the future model for law firms.

Questions Mike will ask the speakers:
1. TJ, Dan, tell us a bit about yourselves and how you got involved in the distributed law space.
2. Dan , can you give us some history regarding distributed law firms-what they are, their structure, how did they come to be and how they have evolved?
3. What sorts of law do distributed firms commonly practice? Who are their typical clients and their needs?
4. TJ, How would you describe the sort of lawyer who would be interested and thrive in this environment?
5. TJ, what sort of technology infrastructure does Fischer Broyles firms use? How do you license technology? (Dan can add)
6. Dan, do distributed firms employ legal technologists, operations specialists or knowledge professionals or are these all outsourced? (TJ can add)
7. TJ, you have said that process and culture are keys to the success of Fisher Broyles. Can you tell us about that. (Dan add what he knows about other distributed firms here)
8. TJ, Fisher Broyles was the first distributed firm to enter the AmLaw 200. I understand 2021 financials are very impressive. Is this an indicator that this is a viable model for others long term? (Dan can add regarding the rest of the industry)
9. What do you both think is on the horizon for distributed firms?


@Michael Ertel - KM Attorney, Paul Hastings LLP

Dan Packel - 
Business of Law Reporter, ALM Media, LLC
TJ Dovale - 
Managing Partner, IP, FisherBroyles, LLP

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For all the differences between operating the military and working in private sector, there is one constant both realms share – innovating to remain relevant and foremost in their respective fields.

In this podcast session, we will discuss how leaders across the U.S. Army are establishing knowledge management programs to enhance shared understanding, learning and decision-making. In addition, we will further explore how to apply the military’s approach to innovation to law firm KM processes.

@Amy Monaghan - Senior Practice Innovations Manager, Perkins Coie

Andrew Bragg - Chief of Knowledge Management, U.S. European Command

Recorded on 02-11-2022

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Our next featured podcast Woman Leader is Carmin Ballou and she is the Director of Data Insights & Analytics at ALAS. She sits down with our WWL group and talks about her Peer to Peer article, mentors, leadership, and more!



ILTA’s Women Who Lead Advisory Committee put out a call for names earlier this year to identify women who have recently experienced a job transition into their first management role. WWL is profiling four new women leaders in Peer to Peer, one profile in each of the next four issues. WWL will also do an interview with them as part of our podcast series throughout the next year, so stay tuned!  

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For the Winter 2021 issue of Peer to Peer, ILTA's Director of Publications and Press, Beth Anne Stuebe, sits down with ILTA CEO, Joy Heath Rush, to talk end of year and forward-planning goals for 2022. Tune in now!

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Moving to a self-service model for support has many advantages, including faster service for users and fewer redundant tasks for support staff. Over time, a successful self-service model can lead to fewer requests overall, as users learn how to avoid issues and quickly resolve them on their own.

In this discussion, we’ll cover how you can shift your firm culture from the traditional deskside white glove approach to a self-service model.

Questions moderator will ask speaker: 
-Where do you feel the legal industry is at these days? (00:49-2:38)
Why do you think more law firms are looking at this now? (2:40-4:02)
-How can training and the Help Desk work together to effectively leverage a self-service model? (4:25-6:10)
-What are some actionable steps listeners can take today to start shifting the service model? (6:11-7:42)

@Samantha Sendrowski - 
Technology Innovation Manager, Bowditch & Dewey LLP


@Sherry Kappel - Evangelist, Litera Microsystems 


Recorded on 12-14-2021

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The pandemic has brought about an opportunity for individuals to reflect on their lives, and most, in fact 77% of the legal professionals want to retain elements of this new virtual, remote working - to varying degrees. And critically, 22% said they are likely to leave if their employers didn’t accommodate the new way they want to work.

In this podcast, we will briefly discuss differing perspectives on remote working, the benefits and drawbacks to individuals, firms and clients to remote working, the impact on collaboration and differences by subgroup, working patterns, before and during COVID-19 and desired post-pandemic and which roles should remote working be available to, plus with or without restrictions.

We will also understand where you fit in and how you can maximize your own and your teams’ productivity as we progress into a new world of work with mixtures of both distributed and in person teams. 

@Harriet Joubert-Vaklyes - Process Innovation Senior Specialist, Shearman & Sterling LLP

@Kristin Rhodes
 - Senior Practice Manager, Paul Hastings LLP
@Natalie Runyon -  Director, Enterprise Content, Talent, Inclusion & Culture, Market Insights, Thomson Reuters

Recorded on 10-26-2021​​​​​

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Many junior and mid-level associates are beginning to realize that the billable model is moving towards fixed-fee arrangements. This is becoming especially true during the pandemic, where everyone is looking to cut costs. In this podcast session, we will learn more about how to handle transactions using less lawyer time (through AI or other methods)

@Brian P. Morris - IT Business Relationship Manager, Holland & Knight LLP

@Tobin Brown - Chief Practice Management Officer, Perkins Coie​

Recorded on 08-06-2021

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In this podcast, the speaker will highlight a success story where a silo existed and was melted or broken down. They will highlight the effect of the silo structure and how it hindered the flow of information/collaboration. In addition, they will highlight the melting down process and see how that changed the flow of information. Lastly we should show if the change was permanent or just temporary.

@Christiane Matuch, Innovation Project Manager, Greenberg Traurig

@Bárbara Gondim Da Rocha, Head of Knowledge Management and Innovation, RMS Advogados

Recorded on 04-30-2021

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