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This session will review the different opportunities to make data-driven decisions in law firms and the challenges that go with them. Ideally the session, will differentiate between organizational/enterprise applications and client facing/legal advice applications.

The goal is to map when data-driven decision-making is a good idea and when it is not. Further the session, will explore what to look for in terms of actions taken from data alone (bias, available data) and give tips how to get started and where to find structured data within your organization/firm to get started for a quick win.

Questions Christiane will ask Andrew:
• How can data enhance decision making?
• When is it not appropriate?
• What are the limitations: Bias, Data Hygiene
• What needs to happen to make better use of data in the future?

@Christiane Matuch - Manager, Axiom Consulting Partners

@Andrew Medeiros - Director of Innovation Solutions, Troutman Pepper Hamilton Sanders LLP

Recorded on 04-21-2022

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Everyone is talking about data analytics and the evolving role of KM in conducting analytics. In this podcast, we will discuss where do you start, what tools are needed, what skill sets are required, how do you avoid stepping on the toes of others in the firm, such as the marketing or finance team and who may also be doing analysis of data?

Questions Carolyn will ask Bobbi:

1. Traditionally KM has been about developing standards, templates and taxonomies to locate knowledge and expertise within the organization. But, now, we are starting to see the evolving “role of data” in providing actionable information as part of knowledge management. Bobbi, does this resonate with you?

2. DA Investments/Efforts/Initiatives:
a. The increasing interest in data analytics – used to be fairly focused on financials and LPM, but now seeing analytics around diversity and retention, legal process improvement – is that consistent with what you are seeing in firms?
b. Is the push to do more with data analytics coming from clients or from within firms themselves as they strive to find ways to improve efficiencies and profitability?

3. Building Capabilities (Hiring Trends/Roles)
a. A few years ago there was a trend to hire data scientists and data analysts – is this trend continuing?
b. How are you seeing that KM’s role is evolving to support data analytics capabilities?

4. Where to Start (Demonstrating Value/Low Hanging Fruit).
A What is the low hanging fruit?
B What would be the advice you’d give the person who wants to show the value of data analytics as applied in the
“real world” of a practicing law firm

@Caroline Sweeney - ​Director of Knowledge Management & Innovation, Dorsey & Whitney

@Bobbi Basile - Managing Director, HBR Consulting LLC

Recorded on 04-08-2022

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Change management is a critical part of any successful project or initiative. With so much change happening both in the legal industry and in the world as a whole, a good change management program has never been more important, especially if your firm expects to continue with a hybrid work model into the foreseeable future.

In this podcast, we’ll talk to Sharon Ford, Change Management Manager at Perkins Coie, about how to think about change management in a hybrid workplace.

Questions that Holly will ask Sharon:

1. Over the past two years, people have gone through a tremendous amount of change. Does the pace of change in the world at large impact how we talk about change internally to our stakeholders and end users?
2. What are some aspects of change management that become more important when communicating with a hybrid workforce?
3. What are some specific issues, or ‘gotchas’, that people involved in change management efforts may not realize will be problematic?
4. A successful change management effort will always tailor the message to the audience. Has the way you think about different audiences changed in a hybrid environment?
5. If you could provide listeners with one (or two!) takeaways for putting together a successful change management initiative in a hybrid environment, what would it be?

@Holly Hanna - KM Firm Solutions Manager, Perkins Coie LLP

@Sharon Ford - Change Management Manager, Perkins Coie LLP 

​Recorded on 03-31-2022

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Distributed firms may have been under the radar for a few years, but now they are breaking the Amlaw 200. Distributed firms operate without a physical space. They rely heavily on technology for communication and to deliver services. Join us to learn about the players, their structure and whether they are the future model for law firms.

Questions Mike will ask the speakers:
1. TJ, Dan, tell us a bit about yourselves and how you got involved in the distributed law space.
2. Dan , can you give us some history regarding distributed law firms-what they are, their structure, how did they come to be and how they have evolved?
3. What sorts of law do distributed firms commonly practice? Who are their typical clients and their needs?
4. TJ, How would you describe the sort of lawyer who would be interested and thrive in this environment?
5. TJ, what sort of technology infrastructure does Fischer Broyles firms use? How do you license technology? (Dan can add)
6. Dan, do distributed firms employ legal technologists, operations specialists or knowledge professionals or are these all outsourced? (TJ can add)
7. TJ, you have said that process and culture are keys to the success of Fisher Broyles. Can you tell us about that. (Dan add what he knows about other distributed firms here)
8. TJ, Fisher Broyles was the first distributed firm to enter the AmLaw 200. I understand 2021 financials are very impressive. Is this an indicator that this is a viable model for others long term? (Dan can add regarding the rest of the industry)
9. What do you both think is on the horizon for distributed firms?


@Michael Ertel - KM Attorney, Paul Hastings LLP

Dan Packel - 
Business of Law Reporter, ALM Media, LLC
TJ Dovale - 
Managing Partner, IP, FisherBroyles, LLP

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For all the differences between operating the military and working in private sector, there is one constant both realms share – innovating to remain relevant and foremost in their respective fields.

In this podcast session, we will discuss how leaders across the U.S. Army are establishing knowledge management programs to enhance shared understanding, learning and decision-making. In addition, we will further explore how to apply the military’s approach to innovation to law firm KM processes.

@Amy Monaghan - Senior Practice Innovations Manager, Perkins Coie

Andrew Bragg - Chief of Knowledge Management, U.S. European Command

Recorded on 02-11-2022

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Extensive and unexpected technology expenditures in the past year have motivated C-Level and Director level executives to reexamine and refine justifications for new products and projects. This podcast session will highlight practical tips for the effective creation of a business case.

Questions Glenn will ask Kate:

· Kate, you were pretty excited when we first spoke about this potential topic. Tell us a bit about yourself and your experience and how it relates to the art and craft of building effective business cases.

· “Business Case” is a term of art that can mean different things to different people and in different contexts so let’s start there. What is a “business case”… or more specifically, what is “an effective business case?”

· Based on your experience, where do you recommend people start? What topic or element should they focus on first?

· Once the business goals and objectives are clearly defined, what comes next? What are the other elements that we should think about including?

· This seems like a LOT of information to wade through. How do you balance that against the probability that the C-Level or senior decision maker may not have the time and energy to comb through all these details?

· You described the business case as an “investment in the future success of the project”. What did you mean by that? How does the business case come into play after you get the green light to move the project/purchase forward?

@Glenn Hoxie - Senior Project Manager, Practice Innovation and Legal Solutions, Paul Hastings LLP

@Kate Cain - Senior Director of Knowledge & Innovation Delivery, Fenwick & West LLP

​Recorded on 12-20-2021

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As firms have adjusted to our new normal, and some necessary changes had to be made in the delivery of legal services, new possibilities that were once far off aspirations are now available. These new opportunities require new knowledge and skills to enable the workforce to do new or changing jobs to meet digital transformation opportunities. In this podcast session, we will discuss how firms have transformed their legal service models and how they have addressed upskilling and re-skilling to support these new models.

Questions Asked Today:

  • Tell us about yourself and what you do at CliffordChance (00:36)
  • What impact does digital transformation have on the roles traditionally seen in law firms? (1:16)
  • How does your role serves as dot connector for your firm? (3:11)
  • How has Amy seen the roles change and how she is creating change at Perkins (6:06)
  • How do you meet everyone along the spectrum? (13:01)
  • Provide an example of where you have seen success in upskilling or reskilling what was a traditional legal role into this new digital transformation world? (14:45) 

@Amy Monaghan - Senior Practice Innovations Manager, Perkins Coie 

@Conan Hines - Senior Legal Technology Advisor, Clifford Chance US LLP

​Recorded on 11-22-2021

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In this podcast, the speakers will discuss how to best quantify the ROI of legal technology has on the bottom line of matters, tips in vetting legal technology, etc.

@Holly Hanna - KM Firm Solutions Manager, Perkins Coie

@Ginevra Saylor - National Director, Innovation and Knowledge Programs, Gowling WLG (Canada) LLP
@Giles Thompson - Head of Growth, Avvoka

​Recorded on 10-22-2021

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***Please note this podcast is in Spanish!

In this third part of the series, the idea is that the speaker talks about the benefits of using Artificial Intelligence to optimize the work of the lawyers in generating the first draft of any legal document that they have to create. *** Please know the podcast is in Spanish only. 

@Rodolfo Christophersen -Sr. Manager, Head of Legal Operations, Mercado Libre

Nicolas Vilela - Co-Founder & CEO, ZTZ Tech
Pablo Balancini - CEO, LegalHub

Recorded on 07-26-2021​

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The continued growth of law firms, and the increasing transience of their attorneys, have created many new risks for firms to account for regarding conflicts of interest management.   Increasingly, large international Firms have transitioned to a centralized approach for conflicts clearance, utilizing non fee-earning professionals for this function. 

Despite this, challenges remain - particularly stemming from increasingly restrictive conflicts language within Outside Counsel Guidelines as well as recent US case law.  In this podcast session, the speaker will focus on discussing the unique conflicts challenges faced by US firms with international presence and various approaches to these challenges; how technology and centralization are the key to meeting these challenges; and whether changes to the conflicts rules are needed in order to "modernize" and account for the breadth of today's international law firm and technological advances.

@Tracey Pardo - IS Process Improvement Analyst, Cooley LLP

@Mark Agin - Senior Manager of Global New Business Intake and Information Management, Shearman & Sterling LLP

Recorded on 07-23-2021

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