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We've seen an increasing number of requests for help around task management that go beyond traditional legal project management tools. Associates wants to see everything assigned to them, and be able to manage it without partners seeing how they're doing so. Partners want to see tasks they’ve assigned across clients and matters. The problem seems like one that should be easily solved with technology, but when you dig into the issues, you realize that no one has a good solution. What is getting in the way of delivering a task management solution that works for attorneys?

Questions Holly will be asking Floor:
1. Firms have tried using a lot of different technologies to help associates manage their tasks and give partners insight into status, but most of these efforts haven’t been successful. Why is this so difficult to solve?
2. Oftentimes, when we hear from attorneys on this topic, the conversation starts with them saying “I want this technology”, but we know that if a technology could solve the issue we wouldn’t be having this conversation. How can we have a more productive conversation with our attorneys, not just on this topic, but generally?
3. The term ‘innovation’ gets used a lot, but again, it often seems to be used when discussing technological solutions. What would be a better way of having a conversation about innovation?

@Holly Hanna - KM Firm Solutions Manager, Perkins Coie

@Floor Blindenbach -
Founder & CEO, Organizing4Innovation

Recorded on 09-23-2022


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In today’s world, purchasing technology is no longer a sure fire way to solve a business problem. In addition to the right technology you need to have the right people, following the right process and leveraging the right technology to solve the complex business problems law firms are facing. But how do you connect these three concepts within your organizations? Listen to this discussion with Rachel Shields Williams from Sidley Austin and Debbie Foster from Affinity Consulting Group.

Questions Rachel will ask Debbie:
· What is the secret to connecting people, process and technology in today’s modern law firm.
· Is there one part of the “People, Process, and Technology” that leaders should focus on more? Or do you see people focus one more than the other?
· Common pit falls when trying to connect the dots?
· What is one piece of advice that you would give to anyone trying to connect the dots?

@Rachel Shields Williams - Director, Knowledge Management, Sidley Austin LLP

@Debbie Foster - Partner, Affinity Consulting Group

Recorded on 09-19-2022

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In this podcast, the speakers discuss using data appropriately in the legal sphere, and thinking creatively about what various data sources within your firm or organization can tell you.

Questions Harriet will ask the speakers:
· Big picture: How do we make sure data is useable, accessible/findable, and consistent across departments?
· On the topic of so-called “dark” data: what are some uses cases from other industries that we should think about applying to the legal industry? In other words, how can we mine data that’s already being collected and make better/new use of it?
· What are some ways in which we can convince groups to share their data for the greater good? How can we get buy-in from the average partner/shareholder to share their data across the firm, to ultimately enable trend-spotting and proactive action, rather than simply using data to tell retrospective stories?

@Harriet Joubert-Vaklyes - Process Innovation Senior Specialist, Shearman & Sterling LLP

@Lisa Gardner - Director of Data Analytics, Shearman & Sterling
@Paul Giedraitis - Principal, Axiom Consulting Partners/Orgaimi

Recorded on 09-13-2022

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Technology is changing how firms operate and there is a need for more collaboration between the marketing and technology teams to achieve shared goals.

In this collaborative podcast between the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) and the Legal Marketing Association (LMA), four seasoned marketing and technology experts discuss their organizational structures, the importance of establishing effective and open communication processes between departments, and share stories in which these efforts resulted in successful projects.  

After listening to this 30-minute podcast, you will learn practical tips on how to work together effectively and take away examples that can be implemented for your own success.

Both ILTA and LMA recognize that collaboration can only add value and aim to continue this discussion with additional content through the rest of 2022. Keep an eye out, share this podcast with a colleague and let us know what think!

Recorded July 2022

@Ali Shahidi
@Britton Choi
@Erin Meszaros
@Michelle Woodyear

​Moderated By:
@Tara Patterson

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Outside counsel guidelines (OCG) are becoming more sophisticated and, at times, cumbersome. What are the provision pitfalls to avoid? What tools are available to manage the volume of OCGs across the firm and to help ensure compliance? Is there room for negotiation with clients? Join us for an open discussion with the GC community regarding the risks associated with not properly vetting and monitoring OCGs.

Questions Daniel will ask speaker:
· What difficulties are you seeing firms have in dealing with Outside Counsel Guidelines?
· What tools are available to assist with management of the guidelines?
· Do you see the need for changes in workflows related to the guidelines?

@Daniel Wood - Director of Counsel Assistance, Womble Bond Dickinson

@Brynmor Bowen  - Practice Group Leader, Legal Risk, IntApp


Recorded on 07-25-2022


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Most lawyers are enthusiastic about innovation projects, until they are put in charge. The toll it could take on their billable hours, the risk of attaching their reputation to an innovation project, and simply the work itself can all be overwhelming. For that reason, they usually prefer to let someone else to innovate for them.

In this interview session, we will highlight how a practicing attorney was convinced to get involved in an innovation project, what support was provided to help her succeed, and what she did to solve her own problem – to the benefit of the entire firm – within the time span of 4 months.

Questions Barbara will ask speakers:
1) Tell us in short about your project and how was it different from the others that you did in the past.
2) What made you say yes to this program?
3) What were the biggest challenges and takeaways from going through this process?
4) What do you think law firms can do to encourage more practicing attorneys to get involved in projects like this?
5) What are the benefits of having practicing attorneys involved in innovation projects and why doesn’t it happen very often?

@Barbara Gondim Da Rocha - Head of Knowledge Management and Innovation, RMS Advogados

@Floor Blindenbach - 
Founder & CEO, Organizing4Innovation
Mayna Felix - Lawyer, RMS Advogados​

​Recorded on 06-28-2022

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More and more law firms are turning to analyzing their data to drive business decisions. What is the main driver behind this and what do firm leaders see data providing today that would help make decisions? In addition, we will discuss in this interview what types of data should they be looking at and what tools are or should they be using?

Questions that Tracey will ask speakers:
-What is the main driver behind more and more law firms turning to analyzing their data to drive business decisions?
-What do firm leaders see data providing today that would help make decisions?
-What types of data should they be looking at?
-What tools are or should they be using?

@Tracey Pardo -
 IS Improvement and Reporting Analyst, Cooley LLP

@Royale Price - 
Director of Pricing and Matter Management, Greenberg Traurig
Katie Styler -  
Principal, Axiom Consulting Partners

Recorded on 06-24-2022

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We all know that new technology without adoption, isn’t useful to advancing our organizational goals nor does it highlight the value of the technology.

But how do you articulate the value of the technology without adoption? It’s a bit of the chicken or the egg conversation that anyone deploying a new technology faces. Join us as we discuss how business sponsors can articulate the adoption and value of legal technology to drive sustainable change.

Questions Rachel will ask Nikki:
• Adoption is critical to the success to legal technology, during the planning process when should the conversation around adoption take place?
• Do you think challenge to legal tech adoption is a US centric problem or is this a global industry problem?
• Do you think lawyers are really change adverse or is the value not always articulated?
• Who should decide if technology is successfully adopted? Who is responsible for articulating the value?
• What skills do you think need to be applied to have successful adoption?

@Rachel Shields Williams - 
Director, Knowledge Management, Sidley Austin LLP

@Nicola Shaver - CEO, Co-Founder, LegalTechnology Hub

Recorded on 06-23-2022​

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This session will review the different opportunities to make data-driven decisions in law firms and the challenges that go with them. Ideally the session, will differentiate between organizational/enterprise applications and client facing/legal advice applications.

The goal is to map when data-driven decision-making is a good idea and when it is not. Further the session, will explore what to look for in terms of actions taken from data alone (bias, available data) and give tips how to get started and where to find structured data within your organization/firm to get started for a quick win.

Questions Christiane will ask Andrew:
• How can data enhance decision making?
• When is it not appropriate?
• What are the limitations: Bias, Data Hygiene
• What needs to happen to make better use of data in the future?

@Christiane Matuch - Manager, Axiom Consulting Partners

@Andrew Medeiros - Director of Innovation Solutions, Troutman Pepper Hamilton Sanders LLP

Recorded on 04-21-2022

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Everyone is talking about data analytics and the evolving role of KM in conducting analytics. In this podcast, we will discuss where do you start, what tools are needed, what skill sets are required, how do you avoid stepping on the toes of others in the firm, such as the marketing or finance team and who may also be doing analysis of data?

Questions Carolyn will ask Bobbi:

1. Traditionally KM has been about developing standards, templates and taxonomies to locate knowledge and expertise within the organization. But, now, we are starting to see the evolving “role of data” in providing actionable information as part of knowledge management. Bobbi, does this resonate with you?

2. DA Investments/Efforts/Initiatives:
a. The increasing interest in data analytics – used to be fairly focused on financials and LPM, but now seeing analytics around diversity and retention, legal process improvement – is that consistent with what you are seeing in firms?
b. Is the push to do more with data analytics coming from clients or from within firms themselves as they strive to find ways to improve efficiencies and profitability?

3. Building Capabilities (Hiring Trends/Roles)
a. A few years ago there was a trend to hire data scientists and data analysts – is this trend continuing?
b. How are you seeing that KM’s role is evolving to support data analytics capabilities?

4. Where to Start (Demonstrating Value/Low Hanging Fruit).
A What is the low hanging fruit?
B What would be the advice you’d give the person who wants to show the value of data analytics as applied in the
“real world” of a practicing law firm

@Caroline Sweeney - ​Director of Knowledge Management & Innovation, Dorsey & Whitney

@Bobbi Basile - Managing Director, HBR Consulting LLC

Recorded on 04-08-2022

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