This podcast series will feature a couple speakers located across the globe who are doing things differently and can offer unique perspectives on what the state of legal innovation looks like in different places.

@Nicola Shaver
Managing Director, Innovation and Knowledge, Paul Hastings LLP

Marco Imperiale, 
Innovation Officer, LCA Studio Legale
Andrea Lindblom, 
Administrative Director. Helsingborg District Court

Recorded on 5-29-2020

This podcast series will feature a couple speakers located across the globe who are doing things differently and can offer unique perspectives on what the state of legal innovation looks like in different places.

@Nicola Shaver, Managing Director, Innovation and Knowledge, Paul Hastings, LLP

@Beth Patterson, Director, ESPconnect 
@Caroline Sweeney, Director of Knowledge Management & Innovation, Dorsey & Whitney

​​​​Recorded on 4-30-2020

In this micro learning podcast series, law firms and corporate clients will briefly share success stories and learn from one another.

In this specific podcast, we will focus on the following: 
1. Innovation is one of the hot topics in the industry these days. On the law firm side, we hear a lot about clients wanting/expecting us to innovate. Do you expect this of your outside counsel?
2. Given the current pandemic, how are you seeing your law firm providers innovate? Are there examples that stand out? Anything that has surprised or especially impressed you?
3. How are you innovating within the corporate legal department during this crisis? How do you maintain an atmosphere of innovation via a remote workforce?
4. What would be your advice to law firms around innovation, in the time of coronavirus?
5. What would be your advice to other corporate in-house legal teams regarding innovation

@Caroline SweeneyDirector of Knowledge Management & Innovation, Dorsey & Whitney

@Jack Thompson, E-Discovery & Legal Operations, Sanofi



The IT department spent a year and a million dollars on a new software package. The project champions are excited about it and use it daily, but the mid-level associates are blissfully unaware. In this micro-learning podcast, we will discuss what are tried and true strategies firms use to get the word out, build excitement, and most importantly boost adoption about time-saving technology that already exists in house?

@Dan Pratt, IT Business Relationships Manager, Holland & Knight LLP 

Luke Schnoebelen, Manager, Learning and Development, Shook, Hardy & Bacon L.L.P.

Recorded on 4-24-2020

The listener should leave inspired to promote KM in their organizations through a variety of different strategies and tactics. They should also understand the process of creating awareness of KM tools vs driving adoption of KM tools.

@Rachel Shields Williams
Senior Manager, Experience Manager, Sidley Austin LLP

@Meredith Williams-Range,
 ​​Chief Knowledge and Client Value Officer, Shearman & Sterling LLP

Recorded on 2-3-2020

Welcome to Evolving KM, a podcast series where we discuss how Knowledge Management is progressing and the impact that’s having on KM professionals. In each episode, we interview people who have either worked in or on the periphery of Knowledge Management We get their perspective on how this profession is evolving to meet the shifting demands of legal service delivery. 

Our guest today is Jason Dirkx, KM Counsel at Littler Mendelson. In his role at Littler, Jason contributes to the design and development of Littler’s Service Solutions, including Compliance HR and Littler LaborSmart, which automate aspects of legal services. Jason has prior experience as a software engineer and, in developing legal products, has found a way to combine his engineering and legal expertise. Jason has also been an ILTA volunteer for several years, currently as a member of the Program Planning Council and previously as a member of the ILTACON conference committee. 

Jason and Amy co-authored an article in an upcoming Peer-to-Peer Magazine, titled “Lawyering in Your Sleep -- An Approach to Legal Product Development.” The article addresses issues to consider in productizing legal services, which forms the basis for our conversation. We discuss how to “do less law” to quote Ron Friedmann, including what is driving legal product development, buy-in, planning for sustainment and support and the skill sets that will be needed for these projects. In their article and our podcast, Jason and Amy note their article touches on key issues at a high level. They invite you to continue the conversation through ILTA communities and programming!


Gwyn McAlpine oversees the knowledge management program at Perkins Coie LLP, an international law firm with 1,000 lawyers in 19 offices. Gwyn's focus is on creating value for clients by enabling attorneys to practice law more efficiently and collaboratively. In addition to more traditional KM initiatives, KM at Perkins Coie includes library and research services, internal and external collaboration, and AI and expert systems. Gwyn practiced corporate law for 10 years before fully transitioning to knowledge management. 
Amy Monaghan 
is the Practice Innovations Manager within the knowledge management group at Perkins Coie LLP. She works side-by-side with practice groups to further KM initiatives, particularly those involving artificial intelligence systems and other advanced technologies, such as document assembly, logic systems, workflow tools and contract analysis tools. Previously, Amy was in a similar role at Chapman and Cutler LLP. 

Jason Dirkx
, Knowledge Management Counsel at Littler Mendelson, P.C.

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