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If we have learned one thing from the pandemic, it’s the fact that we can’t always meet in person but we can continue business.

In this podcast, the speakers will discuss ways that eSignatures, remote online notaries and virtual rooms can eliminate the need to travel to an in person Notary.

Questions the Co-Moderators will ask Speakers:
○ Could you please tell our listeners a little about yourselves? Aaron, let's start with you.
○ If you both could briefly chime in as to what e-signatures are and what you can accomplish with them, that would be a great place to start.
○ Can you explain for our listeners, how Notaries worked pre-pandemic?
○ With the ongoing digital transformation, eSignatures became very popular in the last 2 years. More eSignature vendors offer unique features to digitize traditional workflows in different industries. We know you are familiar with online notarization and Virtual Rooms. Can you tell us more about Remote Online Notarization and Virtual Rooms? What are those and how can they help busy attorneys?

@Jack Recinto - Senior Applications Director, Vedder Price P.C.
@Alisher Yuldashev - ​ Business Technology Advisory Manager, Borden Ladner Gervais

-Aaron Davis - Director, Product Marketing, OneSpan
-​Raquel Lima - Product Manager, OneSpan 

Recorded on 04-17-2022

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Microsoft’s M365 solution includes a growing and evolving number of security solutions. These include MFA, Exchange On-Line Protection, Advanced Threat Protection and others, some new, some improved.

This podcast will be an overview of the solutions in M365 today, solutions that are either baked in to our existing M365 licenses at no additional cost or available at a nominal cost, that offer the possibility to retire and displace more expensive 3rd party solutions.

@Mark Manoukian - IT Director, Kegler, Brown, Hill & Ritter

Paul Edlund - Chief Technologist - Midwest, Microsoft

Recorded on 03-04-2022

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As firms have adjusted to our new normal, and some necessary changes had to be made in the delivery of legal services, new possibilities that were once far off aspirations are now available. These new opportunities require new knowledge and skills to enable the workforce to do new or changing jobs to meet digital transformation opportunities. In this podcast session, we will discuss how firms have transformed their legal service models and how they have addressed upskilling and re-skilling to support these new models.

Questions Asked Today:

  • Tell us about yourself and what you do at CliffordChance (00:36)
  • What impact does digital transformation have on the roles traditionally seen in law firms? (1:16)
  • How does your role serves as dot connector for your firm? (3:11)
  • How has Amy seen the roles change and how she is creating change at Perkins (6:06)
  • How do you meet everyone along the spectrum? (13:01)
  • Provide an example of where you have seen success in upskilling or reskilling what was a traditional legal role into this new digital transformation world? (14:45) 

@Amy Monaghan - Senior Practice Innovations Manager, Perkins Coie 

@Conan Hines - Senior Legal Technology Advisor, Clifford Chance US LLP

​Recorded on 11-22-2021

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In this podcast interview session, the speaker will provide an overview of Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps and why it is important. There will be a heavy focus on Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps as this will be the most natural fit for firms.

Questions Chris will ask Idan: 
- What is Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps ? (Begins at 00:36) 
- How do you best discover and control unsanctioned cloud apps? (Begins at 1:12)
- What are some policy-based controls (Begins at 4:09)
- Explain DLP management (Begins at 6:36) 
- How does Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps help with compliance? (Begins at 9:27)
- Please provide us with a deeper dive into using Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps to increase security posturing of Office 365 and other cloud applications (Begins at 11:26) 

@Christopher Hockey, IGP - Director of Records and Enterprise Content, Bond, Schoeneck and King, PLLC

​Idan Basre - Product Manager, Microsoft Cloud App Security 

Recorded on 11-10-2021

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The legal community responded to the impact of the pandemic and lockdown by innovating rapidly and adopting virtual hearings. The UK commercial courts were ahead of the curve and delayed only four cases during the national lockdown period.

International arbitration matters continued to be heard around the world. The real innovation lies beyond just the use of video conferencing tools like Zoom and Microsoft.

In this podcast, learn how virtual hearings have continued to evolve, improve, and gain traction throughout the world in 2021.

Questions Marlene will ask the speakers:

  • What are the most significant changes to the hearing and trial process caused by online access? Good and bad. (Begins at 00:46 seconds)
  • There are certainly technical challenges with any online experience. What are some that are particular to online hearings and trials? (Begins at 4:54)
  • How about ethical issues? Approvals to host, rules of engagement? What do you have to consider and how do you ensure everyone is behaving appropriately? (Begins at 8:42) 
  • Does the non-legal prep work differ at all? If you are presenting at trial, It might be more like theatre in terms of delivery. But online is more like television. You have to worry about things like your background and lighting. I know people who take classes to learn about where to look at the camera and how to move. Things perhaps a broadcast journalist or social media influencer would learn (Begins at 12:56)
  • What is one funny experience you have had in an online hearing or trial? Any cat people? (Begins at 17:29) 

@Marlene Gebauer - Director Of Knowledge Management, Locke Lord LLP

​Judge Christopher Sprysenski - Circuit Judge, 18th Judicial Circuit, Florida
Richard Howell - Partner, Jackson Walker LLP
@Jeremy Cooper - Senior Trial Consultant, Paul Hastings

​Recorded on 11-09-2021

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The pandemic has brought about an opportunity for individuals to reflect on their lives, and most, in fact 77% of the legal professionals want to retain elements of this new virtual, remote working - to varying degrees. And critically, 22% said they are likely to leave if their employers didn’t accommodate the new way they want to work.

In this podcast, we will briefly discuss differing perspectives on remote working, the benefits and drawbacks to individuals, firms and clients to remote working, the impact on collaboration and differences by subgroup, working patterns, before and during COVID-19 and desired post-pandemic and which roles should remote working be available to, plus with or without restrictions.

We will also understand where you fit in and how you can maximize your own and your teams’ productivity as we progress into a new world of work with mixtures of both distributed and in person teams. 

@Harriet Joubert-Vaklyes - Process Innovation Senior Specialist, Shearman & Sterling LLP

@Kristin Rhodes
 - Senior Practice Manager, Paul Hastings LLP
@Natalie Runyon -  Director, Enterprise Content, Talent, Inclusion & Culture, Market Insights, Thomson Reuters

Recorded on 10-26-2021​​​​​

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During this podcast, a cyber security professional will discuss ways that you can ensure that you have adequate visibility to protect against unauthorized access into our data as you move additional pieces of your architecture into the cloud. The conversation will highlight cloud access security brokers, security incident and event management, and data loss prevention tools and strategies.

@Corey Reitz - E-Discovery Project Lead, Sandia National Laboratories

Kevin Magee - Chief Security Officer, Microsoft Canada

Recorded on 08-06-2021​

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Many junior and mid-level associates are beginning to realize that the billable model is moving towards fixed-fee arrangements. This is becoming especially true during the pandemic, where everyone is looking to cut costs. In this podcast session, we will learn more about how to handle transactions using less lawyer time (through AI or other methods)

@Brian P. Morris - IT Business Relationship Manager, Holland & Knight LLP

@Tobin Brown - Chief Practice Management Officer, Perkins Coie​

Recorded on 08-06-2021

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***Please note this podcast is in Spanish!

In this third part of the series, the idea is that the speaker talks about the benefits of using Artificial Intelligence to optimize the work of the lawyers in generating the first draft of any legal document that they have to create. *** Please know the podcast is in Spanish only. 

@Rodolfo Christophersen -Sr. Manager, Head of Legal Operations, Mercado Libre

Nicolas Vilela - Co-Founder & CEO, ZTZ Tech
Pablo Balancini - CEO, LegalHub

Recorded on 07-26-2021​

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There are tons of tools and programs out there that can be used for collections, but which ones are firms actually using? This podcast will discuss a few of the tools that firms are using in-house to do their own collections.

Confirmed Moderator:
@Charles Neal - 
Litigation Support/eDiscovery Manager, Keating Muething & Klekamp PLL

Confirmed Speakers:
@Cameron Herzog - Director of IT, Brownstein Rask LLP
@Heather Lansberry - Litigation Support Manager, Ulmer & Berne LLP

Recorded on 07-06-2021

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