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This podcast consists of an interview with Melissa Prince on how Ballard created and implemented a staffing (“workforce allocation” or “availability projection”) tool. We also discussed the impetus for the creation of the platform, the obstacles Melissa faced, and how she has driven engagement with associates and partners.

Questions Kristin asked Melissa:
1. Can you provide a little background about your role at the firm and your practice management department? Who handles staffing?
2. First, what did you identify as gaps in the staffing process that led to the development of your tool?
3. At the outset, who were your champions and where were your obstacles?
4. How did you decide to build something in-house as opposed to going to a third party vendor?
5. What are the primary features of your tool and what aspects are you still looking to build out?
6. Who references and utilizes the reports?
7. How are you continuing to drive engagement with the tool? Any ongoing challenges?

@Kristin Rhodes - Senior Practice Manager, Paul Hastings LLP

@Melissa Prince - Chief Client Value and Innovation Officer, Ballard Spahr

Recorded on 10-07-2022

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Technology is vital to the practice of law in any modern law firm, but it can also be challenging to implement and keep updated. In this podcast, we’ll explore some of the greatest challenges to the modern law firm, explore why technology is so vital for the continued success of firms, and explore how they’re coping with technology challenges today. Listen for tips to lead your law firm through today’s legal technology challenges!

Question John asked Jeff:
1. What do you see as the greatest technology challenges facing law firms today?
2. Why is technology so important to law firms and are they overall keeping up with technology or falling behind the curve?
3. How can they improve?
4. What are three key components to successfully navigating today’s legal technology challenges
5. Are there non-technology challenges for technology impacting firms today, and can you give us some examples (e.g., senior management support, culture change, adoption, etc.) of the impact these challenges may be having?

@John Graves - Training Support Specialist, Winstead PC

@Jeffrey Brandt - Chief Information Officer, Jackson Kelly PLLC

Recorded on 09-30-2022​

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This interview will highlight the challenges and best approaches for training attorneys on new eDiscovery software.

Questions Sachin will ask Speaker:
1. What are the biggest impediments to getting attorneys to adopt and learn to new legal technologies and applications?
2. What strategies have you found to be most effective when training attorneys and legal teams?
3. What are some considerations when looking to adopt new litigation technologies and try new resources?
4. How has the shift to remote work changed how you work with and consult with Attorneys on eDiscovery applications and legal technology?
5. Do you have any final thoughts or comments that you would like to leave our listeners?

@Sachin Gupta -  Knowledge Management Attorney – Data & Technology Transactions, Latham & Watkins LLP

@Sara Miro - Knowledge Management Attorney – Litigation, Sullivan & Cromwell

​Recorded on 07-25-2022

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In the previous parts of this series, we discussed the what's and why's of eSignatures and some of the practical uses. In part three of this series, we will discuss the technical requirements, security, hidden costs, and other concerns that should be explored when looking to acquire and implement an eSignature solution.

Questions that Jack/Alisher will ask Patrick and Aaron:
1. Why should an organization adopt an eSignature provider?
2. What are the differences between most eSignature solutions?
3. What are the most important requirements an organization should consider when choosing an eSignature Solution?
4. Can we be specific on what security requirements should be considered and addressed?
5. Are there any hidden costs that may be missed when preparing to deploy or post deployment that can arise?

@Jack Recinto - Senior Applications Director, Vedder Price P.C.
@Alisher Yuldashev - Business Technology Advisory Manager, Borden Ladner Gervais

P​​atrick Albert - Senior Business Architect, OneSpan
Aaron Davis - Director of Product Marketing, OneSpan

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We all know that new technology without adoption, isn’t useful to advancing our organizational goals nor does it highlight the value of the technology.

But how do you articulate the value of the technology without adoption? It’s a bit of the chicken or the egg conversation that anyone deploying a new technology faces. Join us as we discuss how business sponsors can articulate the adoption and value of legal technology to drive sustainable change.

Questions Rachel will ask Nikki:
• Adoption is critical to the success to legal technology, during the planning process when should the conversation around adoption take place?
• Do you think challenge to legal tech adoption is a US centric problem or is this a global industry problem?
• Do you think lawyers are really change adverse or is the value not always articulated?
• Who should decide if technology is successfully adopted? Who is responsible for articulating the value?
• What skills do you think need to be applied to have successful adoption?

@Rachel Shields Williams - 
Director, Knowledge Management, Sidley Austin LLP

@Nicola Shaver - CEO, Co-Founder, LegalTechnology Hub

Recorded on 06-23-2022​

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This podcast interview session will take a look into our mobile devices (super computers in our pocket) and the built in (or lack there of) security around them.

Can we rely on our devices out of box as long as they’re managed or has the time come where we need to take mobile security to the next level?

Questions that David will ask speaker:

1. Mobile devices are essentially a smaller version of a computer that can fit in your pocket. They’re on us and in use almost all the time. Confidential information flows to, from and through them, yet we don’t seem to secure them to the same level as a computer. Is that because they’re just secure out of the box? Or are we missing something?
2. What types of threats and attacks should we be concerned about with our mobile devices?
3. A lot of organizations may say we use MDM (mobile device management) to secure our mobile fleet of devices. Is an MDM sufficient?
4. If out of the box security and usage of an MDM is not quite enough, what addition protections should we be looking at?
5. How should different usage patterns and user interfaces of mobile devices factor into an organization's model of the mobile security threat and mobile security solutions?
6.Obviously budgets and staff have an influence on just how much security you can deploy and manage. What would be the top 3 items that all businesses and mobile users should put into place to help protect their mobile devices?

@David Whale - 
Director Information Security, Fasken Martineau Dumoulin LLP

@Seth Hallem - CEO & Chief Architect, Mobile Helix 


Recorded on 06-17-2022


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If we have learned one thing from the pandemic, it’s the fact that we can’t always meet in person but we can continue business.

In this podcast, the speakers will discuss ways that eSignatures, remote online notaries and virtual rooms can eliminate the need to travel to an in person Notary.

Questions the Co-Moderators will ask Speakers:
○ Could you please tell our listeners a little about yourselves? Aaron, let's start with you.
○ If you both could briefly chime in as to what e-signatures are and what you can accomplish with them, that would be a great place to start.
○ Can you explain for our listeners, how Notaries worked pre-pandemic?
○ With the ongoing digital transformation, eSignatures became very popular in the last 2 years. More eSignature vendors offer unique features to digitize traditional workflows in different industries. We know you are familiar with online notarization and Virtual Rooms. Can you tell us more about Remote Online Notarization and Virtual Rooms? What are those and how can they help busy attorneys?

@Jack Recinto - Senior Applications Director, Vedder Price P.C.
@Alisher Yuldashev - ​ Business Technology Advisory Manager, Borden Ladner Gervais

-Aaron Davis - Director, Product Marketing, OneSpan
-​Raquel Lima - Product Manager, OneSpan 

Recorded on 04-17-2022

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Microsoft’s M365 solution includes a growing and evolving number of security solutions. These include MFA, Exchange On-Line Protection, Advanced Threat Protection and others, some new, some improved.

This podcast will be an overview of the solutions in M365 today, solutions that are either baked in to our existing M365 licenses at no additional cost or available at a nominal cost, that offer the possibility to retire and displace more expensive 3rd party solutions.

@Mark Manoukian - IT Director, Kegler, Brown, Hill & Ritter

Paul Edlund - Chief Technologist - Midwest, Microsoft

Recorded on 03-04-2022

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As firms have adjusted to our new normal, and some necessary changes had to be made in the delivery of legal services, new possibilities that were once far off aspirations are now available. These new opportunities require new knowledge and skills to enable the workforce to do new or changing jobs to meet digital transformation opportunities. In this podcast session, we will discuss how firms have transformed their legal service models and how they have addressed upskilling and re-skilling to support these new models.

Questions Asked Today:

  • Tell us about yourself and what you do at CliffordChance (00:36)
  • What impact does digital transformation have on the roles traditionally seen in law firms? (1:16)
  • How does your role serves as dot connector for your firm? (3:11)
  • How has Amy seen the roles change and how she is creating change at Perkins (6:06)
  • How do you meet everyone along the spectrum? (13:01)
  • Provide an example of where you have seen success in upskilling or reskilling what was a traditional legal role into this new digital transformation world? (14:45) 

@Amy Monaghan - Senior Practice Innovations Manager, Perkins Coie 

@Conan Hines - Senior Legal Technology Advisor, Clifford Chance US LLP

​Recorded on 11-22-2021

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