Beyond Zoom and Microsoft Teams: Have Virtual Hearings Altered the Fabric of Dispute Resolution?

Beyond Zoom and Microsoft Teams: Have Virtual Hearings Altered the Fabric of Dispute Resolution?

The legal community responded to the impact of the pandemic and lockdown by innovating rapidly and adopting virtual hearings. The UK commercial courts were ahead of the curve and delayed only four cases during the national lockdown period.

International arbitration matters continued to be heard around the world. The real innovation lies beyond just the use of video conferencing tools like Zoom and Microsoft.

In this podcast, learn how virtual hearings have continued to evolve, improve, and gain traction throughout the world in 2021.

Questions Marlene will ask the speakers:

  • What are the most significant changes to the hearing and trial process caused by online access? Good and bad. (Begins at 00:46 seconds)
  • There are certainly technical challenges with any online experience. What are some that are particular to online hearings and trials? (Begins at 4:54)
  • How about ethical issues? Approvals to host, rules of engagement? What do you have to consider and how do you ensure everyone is behaving appropriately? (Begins at 8:42) 
  • Does the non-legal prep work differ at all? If you are presenting at trial, It might be more like theatre in terms of delivery. But online is more like television. You have to worry about things like your background and lighting. I know people who take classes to learn about where to look at the camera and how to move. Things perhaps a broadcast journalist or social media influencer would learn (Begins at 12:56)
  • What is one funny experience you have had in an online hearing or trial? Any cat people? (Begins at 17:29) 

@Marlene Gebauer - Director Of Knowledge Management, Locke Lord LLP

​Judge Christopher Sprysenski - Circuit Judge, 18th Judicial Circuit, Florida
Richard Howell - Partner, Jackson Walker LLP
@Jeremy Cooper - Senior Trial Consultant, Paul Hastings

​Recorded on 11-09-2021

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