Case Study: Making a Practicing Attorney Drive an Innovation Project

Case Study: Making a Practicing Attorney Drive an Innovation Project

Most lawyers are enthusiastic about innovation projects, until they are put in charge. The toll it could take on their billable hours, the risk of attaching their reputation to an innovation project, and simply the work itself can all be overwhelming. For that reason, they usually prefer to let someone else to innovate for them.

In this interview session, we will highlight how a practicing attorney was convinced to get involved in an innovation project, what support was provided to help her succeed, and what she did to solve her own problem – to the benefit of the entire firm – within the time span of 4 months.

Questions Barbara will ask speakers:
1) Tell us in short about your project and how was it different from the others that you did in the past.
2) What made you say yes to this program?
3) What were the biggest challenges and takeaways from going through this process?
4) What do you think law firms can do to encourage more practicing attorneys to get involved in projects like this?
5) What are the benefits of having practicing attorneys involved in innovation projects and why doesn’t it happen very often?

@Barbara Gondim Da Rocha - Head of Knowledge Management and Innovation, RMS Advogados

@Floor Blindenbach - 
Founder & CEO, Organizing4Innovation
Mayna Felix - Lawyer, RMS Advogados​

​Recorded on 06-28-2022

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