How to Move from White-Glove Service to Self-Service

How to Move from White-Glove Service to Self-Service

Moving to a self-service model for support has many advantages, including faster service for users and fewer redundant tasks for support staff. Over time, a successful self-service model can lead to fewer requests overall, as users learn how to avoid issues and quickly resolve them on their own.

In this discussion, we’ll cover how you can shift your firm culture from the traditional deskside white glove approach to a self-service model.

Questions moderator will ask speaker: 
-Where do you feel the legal industry is at these days? (00:49-2:38)
Why do you think more law firms are looking at this now? (2:40-4:02)
-How can training and the Help Desk work together to effectively leverage a self-service model? (4:25-6:10)
-What are some actionable steps listeners can take today to start shifting the service model? (6:11-7:42)

@Samantha Sendrowski - 
Technology Innovation Manager, Bowditch & Dewey LLP


@Sherry Kappel - Evangelist, Litera Microsystems 


Recorded on 12-14-2021

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