ILTACON 2015 Recap: Shared Practice Metrics for Law Firms and Legal Departments, Now and In 2020 - Schwarz
December 31, 2015

ILTACON 2015 Recap: Shared Practice Metrics for Law Firms and Legal Departments, Now and In 2020 - Schwarz

Description: Join us for part three of this continued discussion on metrics and their uses in both law firms and legal departments to illustrate value. Not simply a matter of profitability versus efficiency, there are a variety of perspectives to consider in determining the best methods and benchmarks for every department and firm to utilize in creating, sustaining and even growing a successful relationship.

From the original ILTACON 2015 session description: Law departments are starting to run like businesses, with that comes an increased emphasis on measuring performance against business goals. Collaboration in the development of shared metrics is essential to drive effective relationships and best-in-class legal operations. How can law firms and legal departments work together to promote mutually beneficial technology and metrics? What data points do law departments and firms care about now; what will they care about in 2020?

Cindy MacBean is a highly experienced litigation support professional who has recommended technology solutions to support discovery workflow, providing innovative and cost effective solutions for law firms, their clients and corporate legal staff. Her proficiency in data analytics and deep understanding of the legal process have resulted in a multitude of successful projects incorporating proven procedures with a variety of technology tools in delivering defensible discovery. Cindy utilizes her business education and diverse experience to solve problems, mitigate risk, provide tactical direction, oversee operations, plan strategic initiatives, implement solutions and support legal teams with utmost commitment to customer service. She holds CEDS, IGP and CIPP/US certifications.

Jeff Schwarz is Polsinelli's Chief Operating Officer, managing the firm's business service units and implementing its strategic initiatives. Focused on enhancing client value in this rapidly changing legal market, he designs and delivers solutions for the business needs of the firm and its clients. As a member of the senior executive team, Jeff is responsible for aligning the firm's operational processes, strategies and objectives.

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