New and Evolving Roles in Legal

New and Evolving Roles in Legal

New technology, changing client expectations, regulatory changes, and more are transforming the legal industry, creating opportunities for individuals to develop new skillsets and for firms and legal departments to rethink how they deliver legal services.

In this podcast interview, learn about new and evolving roles in the legal industry, such as process engineer, project manager, legal operations, data scientist, and document automation specialist.

Questions Sam will ask Speakers:

  1. What are some of the key roles you see emerging in legal technology?
  2. How can individuals skill up to transition into new opportunities?
  3. How can firms and legal departments start shifting to new roles, and what should they be doing to ensure that these new functions are successful?
  4. Where would you suggest people go to learn more information?

@Samantha Sendrowski - Technology Innovation Manager, Bowditch & Dewey LLP

@Gabe Teninbaum -  Assistant Dean of Innovation, Strategic Initiatives, & Distance Education and Professor of Legal Writing, Suffolk University
@Sean Monahan -  Director, HBR Consulting

Recorded on 06-29-2022

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