The Art and Craft of Building an Effective Business Case - Getting Started

The Art and Craft of Building an Effective Business Case - Getting Started

Extensive and unexpected technology expenditures in the past year have motivated C-Level and Director level executives to reexamine and refine justifications for new products and projects. This podcast session will highlight practical tips for the effective creation of a business case.

Questions Glenn will ask Kate:

· Kate, you were pretty excited when we first spoke about this potential topic. Tell us a bit about yourself and your experience and how it relates to the art and craft of building effective business cases.

· “Business Case” is a term of art that can mean different things to different people and in different contexts so let’s start there. What is a “business case”… or more specifically, what is “an effective business case?”

· Based on your experience, where do you recommend people start? What topic or element should they focus on first?

· Once the business goals and objectives are clearly defined, what comes next? What are the other elements that we should think about including?

· This seems like a LOT of information to wade through. How do you balance that against the probability that the C-Level or senior decision maker may not have the time and energy to comb through all these details?

· You described the business case as an “investment in the future success of the project”. What did you mean by that? How does the business case come into play after you get the green light to move the project/purchase forward?

@Glenn Hoxie - Senior Project Manager, Practice Innovation and Legal Solutions, Paul Hastings LLP

@Kate Cain - Senior Director of Knowledge & Innovation Delivery, Fenwick & West LLP

​Recorded on 12-20-2021

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