The Rise of Legal Operations in Law Firms

The Rise of Legal Operations in Law Firms

There is current trend towards legal ops in law firms, but not all is equal. It is quite common to see difference in titles, department names and even what is being covered.

How are legal operations shaping up in the law firm space and how will these departments help to meet the evolving market demands?

Specific interview questions Tracey asked Chris:
1. If a firm is looking to start a legal operations department, what are the key components?
2. How does having a legal operations team increase efficiency? How does legal operations improve value for the client?
3. Are there any tools your recommend to improve performance?
4. What are the latest trends in legal operations? What departments are new?
5. What are the biggest obstacles in growing the legal operations team?
6. How do you justify additional headcount on the legal operations side?

@Tracey Pardo - IS Improvement and Reporting Analyst, Cooley LLP 

@Christopher Emerson - Chief Legal Operations and Innovations, Quarles & Brady

Recorded on 04-08-2022

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