This snackable podcast recording focuses on the tools needed to be an effective manager. The discussion will mainly be about effective communication, best approaches to discipline and equal policy implementation. Enjoy!

@Lekecia Barclay,
 Technology Advisor, The Office of Chief Counsel for the Internal Revenue Service

Diandra Ritchie, Director – EEO, Labor & Employee Relations, City Colleges of Chicago

Recorded on 10-4-2019


For everyone except Doctor Who, time marches on. How is that future impacting the skill sets that law firm technologists need to have? Listen to a conversation on current and future skill sets and how people, process and *new* technology is impacting the delivery of legal services.

Jeffrey Brandt is the Chief Information Officer at the law firm of Jackson Kelly PLLC and has over 30 years of experience in the field of legal automation. Jeffrey is also editor of the popular PinHawk Law Technology Daily Digest, a respected thought leader in the legal technology community and a frequent educational speaker at industry conferences.

Mitch Owens is the CTO at Gilbert + Tobin and leads the firm’s technology function. He has held senior roles in the global banking and professional services industries for many years. With a background that is predominately outside legal Mitch is able to provide a different, and interesting, slant on technology challenges that face legal firms today. The focus for Mitch, and his team, is clients - internal or external. He is constantly evaluating against the expected and looking to give them advantages. He has a diverse understanding of business functions and processes allowing for creative technology solutions.

Luke Schnoebelen manages technical training and e-learning development for his firm. He is solidifying a development process to improve the technology expertise for all firm employees, associates and partners. Luke also assists with all facets of in-house CLE, technology adoption and general promotion of process improvements.

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