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Everyone is talking about data analytics and the evolving role of KM in conducting analytics. In this podcast, we will discuss where do you start, what tools are needed, what skill sets are required, how do you avoid stepping on the toes of others in the firm, such as the marketing or finance team and who may also be doing analysis of data?

Questions Carolyn will ask Bobbi:

1. Traditionally KM has been about developing standards, templates and taxonomies to locate knowledge and expertise within the organization. But, now, we are starting to see the evolving “role of data” in providing actionable information as part of knowledge management. Bobbi, does this resonate with you?

2. DA Investments/Efforts/Initiatives:
a. The increasing interest in data analytics – used to be fairly focused on financials and LPM, but now seeing analytics around diversity and retention, legal process improvement – is that consistent with what you are seeing in firms?
b. Is the push to do more with data analytics coming from clients or from within firms themselves as they strive to find ways to improve efficiencies and profitability?

3. Building Capabilities (Hiring Trends/Roles)
a. A few years ago there was a trend to hire data scientists and data analysts – is this trend continuing?
b. How are you seeing that KM’s role is evolving to support data analytics capabilities?

4. Where to Start (Demonstrating Value/Low Hanging Fruit).
A What is the low hanging fruit?
B What would be the advice you’d give the person who wants to show the value of data analytics as applied in the
“real world” of a practicing law firm

@Caroline Sweeney - ​Director of Knowledge Management & Innovation, Dorsey & Whitney

@Bobbi Basile - Managing Director, HBR Consulting LLC

Recorded on 04-08-2022

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There is current trend towards legal ops in law firms, but not all is equal. It is quite common to see difference in titles, department names and even what is being covered.

How are legal operations shaping up in the law firm space and how will these departments help to meet the evolving market demands?

Specific interview questions Tracey asked Chris:
1. If a firm is looking to start a legal operations department, what are the key components?
2. How does having a legal operations team increase efficiency? How does legal operations improve value for the client?
3. Are there any tools your recommend to improve performance?
4. What are the latest trends in legal operations? What departments are new?
5. What are the biggest obstacles in growing the legal operations team?
6. How do you justify additional headcount on the legal operations side?

@Tracey Pardo - IS Improvement and Reporting Analyst, Cooley LLP 

@Christopher Emerson - Chief Legal Operations and Innovations, Quarles & Brady

Recorded on 04-08-2022

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Driving adoption of even useful technology is notoriously difficult. What are some helpful strategies for Litigation Support professionals to get buy-in and training time commitments from busy attorneys?

Questions Sachin will ask speaker:
1. What are some of the considerations for a law firm to opt for managed document review over reviewing documents in-house?
2. What type of training on your platform or services do litigation attorneys need to make the shift to managed document review a seamless one?
3. What strategies have you found to be most effective when getting attorneys to modify their workflows to incorporate outside legal services?
4. How has the shift to remote work changed how law firm attorneys and in-house counsel work with legal service providers such as Quislex?
5. How would you suggest firms discuss and get client approval for the use of outside legal services?

@Sachin Gupta - ​Knowledge Management Attorney – Data & Technology Transactions, Latham & Watkins LLP

​Bobby Coppola - VP of Legal Solutions and Strategic Growth, Quislex

Recorded on 04-01-2022

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Information Governance…we hear this term all the time in legal, but what does it really mean? Is it referring to controlling the stream of information inside a law firm or law department, or outside one? And what methods are being utilized in today’s law firms and law departments to govern this often critical information?

In this interview session, we will discuss what the term actually means and what effects it can have on firm attorneys and staff. Finally, we’ll learn why having an IG policy is so vital to clients and firms alike.


@John Graves - Training Support Specialist, Winstead PC

@Jeffrey Sharer - President and CEO, LexShift 

Recorded on 04-01-2022

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This session will review the different opportunities to make data-driven decisions in law firms and the challenges that go with them. Ideally the session, will differentiate between organizational/enterprise applications and client facing/legal advice applications.

The goal is to map when data-driven decision-making is a good idea and when it is not. Further the session, will explore what to look for in terms of actions taken from data alone (bias, available data) and give tips how to get started and where to find structured data within your organization/firm to get started for a quick win.

@Christiane Matuch - Manager, Axiom Consulting Partners

Maggie Miller - ​Chief Client Officer, Orgaimi

Recorded on 03-29-2022

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This interview will discuss the emerging maturity and use of analytics, and whether they can be used for privilege review. We will also explore the different scenarios in privilege review that might benefit from analytics and go over a few real world recent examples.

Questions Chris will ask Maria: 
• What sold you on trying privilege analytics the first time?
• How was your experience in using privileged analytics?
• What are some areas or issues to keep in mind during the process?
• Would you use privilege analytics again?

@Chris Acosta - Head of Firmwide eDiscovery Resources, Morrison & Foerster LLP

Maria Earley - Partner, Morrison & Foerster LLP

Recorded on 02-04-2022


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Corporate legal departments are becoming more and more strategic in how they deploy resources and how they relate to outside counsel and other providers.

In this video interview, we will discuss the importance of Legal Operations in this process and how law firm KM departments can benefit by partnering with these in-house teams to adjust and improve their firm’s service delivery.

Questions Barbara will ask speakers:
-The rise of legal operations in corporate legal departments has been a popular topic in the industry for the past few yearsCan you tell us what legal operations is all about?
-How did the adoption of legal operations impact the way clients relate to outside counsels?
-What is the role of Knowledge Management in this scenario? 
-How can law firms benefit from adjusting to these changes? Do you have some success cases to share? 
-What is the biggest takeaway on the topic? 

@Barbara Gondim Da Rocha - Head of Knowledge Management and Innovation, RMS Advogados

@Jennifer Mendez - Director of Knowledge Management Innovation, Fisher & Phillips LLP
@Anthony Widdop - Global Director, Legal Operations at Shearman & Sterling

Recorded on 01-28-2022

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This podcast session will delve into the very real problem of trying to explain data governance to end users and the C-suite. Our experts will tackle the difference between data governance and information governance, the importance of a good data governance program, how to best distribute the responsibility of data governance, and how to keep data fresh, clean, and reliable as we continue to take in more and more.

Questions Chris will ask speaker(s):
1. Information Governance and Data Governance may often be used interchangeably, help our listeners understand what the key differences are and why it is important to differentiate them.
2. What should the objective of a data governance program be?
3. Data governance seems very intimidating if you look at it as one persons job. How can information governance and data governance professionals go about engaging the enterprise in good data governance practices?
4. How can IG professionals best make a business case for a data governance program in order to secure resources?
5. What are some real practical strategies for ensuring the cleanliness and reliability of data in an organization?

@Christopher Hockey, IGP - Director of Information Governance and Management,
Bond, Schoeneck and King, PLLC

Neil Burge - Founder, CEO of Cognopia Pte Ltd.
Steve Bradley - Director, HBR Consulting


Recorded on 01-27-2022

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Sentiment analysis is becoming more and more standard for eDiscovery review. In this podcast session, the speaker will give some real life examples of how this AI technology has helped in litigations and investigations.

Questions Andrea will ask Paul:
1. What is sentiment analysis?
2. How could this help an organization?
3. Can you give 3 examples of possible workflows on how to use it?


@Andrea Shirey - IT Consultant, Bayer Corporation Legal Department 

​Paul Park - Senior Product Manager AI, Relativity


Recorded on 12-17-2021

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Moving to a self-service model for support has many advantages, including faster service for users and fewer redundant tasks for support staff. Over time, a successful self-service model can lead to fewer requests overall, as users learn how to avoid issues and quickly resolve them on their own.

In this discussion, we’ll cover how you can shift your firm culture from the traditional deskside white glove approach to a self-service model.

Questions moderator will ask speaker: 
-Where do you feel the legal industry is at these days? (00:49-2:38)
Why do you think more law firms are looking at this now? (2:40-4:02)
-How can training and the Help Desk work together to effectively leverage a self-service model? (4:25-6:10)
-What are some actionable steps listeners can take today to start shifting the service model? (6:11-7:42)

@Samantha Sendrowski - 
Technology Innovation Manager, Bowditch & Dewey LLP


@Sherry Kappel - Evangelist, Litera Microsystems 


Recorded on 12-14-2021

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